Art Exhibition

A craftsmanship presentation is an extraordinary openness for displays and specialists. A craftsman can introduce his work to a great many show participants and a participant, intrigued by workmanship, can partake in workshops during the workmanship display and find out pretty much all parts of craftsmanship.

There are a few craftsmanship shows being held in various pieces of the world. You can discover craftsmanship shows identified with works of art, mold, plan, visual expressions and drawings. There are additionally shows relating to photography, writing, film and video just as artworks.

Here are a few instances of global craftsmanship displays on the planet:

workmanship gathering berlin

“workmanship gathering berlin” is an International Art show that happens in Berlin consistently in the harvest time for 3 days. The display presents in excess of 100 exhibitions from around the planet indicating works of art made by in excess of 2000 craftsmen. The works of art come from illustrations, video, photography, establishments, drawings, model and painting. The sixteenth version of this workmanship presentation happens in 2011.

SH Contemporary

“SH Contemporary” is an International Art presentation that happens in Shanghai each year in September. The show presents Asian contemporary workmanship to global and Asian gatherers and craftsmanship darlings. The fine arts come from illustrations, video, photography, establishments, drawings, figure and painting. SH Contemporary dispatched in 2007 and it is developing since.


“estampa” is an International Art show that happens in Madrid consistently in September. The presentation presents Spanish and global contemporary craftsmanship to worldwide workmanship gatherers and craftsmanship darlings. The fine arts come from print making, illustrations, video, photography, craftsmanship books, drawings, model and painting. estampa dispatched in 1993 and it is developing since.

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